Monday, May 12, 2008

Move to Ft. Lewis - Day 1

So we started our journey to Ft. Lewis, Washington today. Ok, so we didn't actually start driving, but the packers showed up today to begin packing things up for the move. Pamela decided she needed to work today so I am stuck here at home with the packers. Truth be told, I think she did it on purpose so I would have to do all the work since she's done all the other moves. She's like that you know...

So they got here and started packing everything in sight. And I mean, everything! At one point, they asked me to pull a picture off the wall, cause apparently they can't (grrr), and I was wearing my sandals, which I took off to climb on the desk to get the picture and when I came back down, my sandals had been packed. Those boys are quick! A little while later, I was cleaning the kitchen and decided to empty the dishwasher. I opened it up and then got asked to get another picture. On my way back into the kitchen, I grabbed a very large glass of milk and was walking back over to the dishwasher when I tripped over my own feet, and threw the glass of milk across the entire kitchen, including the clean dishes sitting in the now open dishwasher. So I spent a long time cleaning that up... including my clothes and shoes. I put them in the washing machine and a little while later I put my shoes on top of the dryer. Yup, not more than 30 seconds later, my shoes were packed, again!!!! This has to stop, I'm running out of shoes!

Tonight we had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. We figured we have to eat and we haven't been there yet since it opened, so we went. We had a great time throwing peanuts at Mykayla Bramwell during the meal. Afterwards, we went over to the Rhiele's to say goodbye. We've been doing that a lot lately... :(

Well, check back again for day 2!

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