Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Move to Ft. Lewis - Day 3

Well, today is truck day! They better bring a freaking huge truck, cause we have a lot of crap! Jim, the driver, showed up right on time this morning and brought two other guys with him for the loading. And yes, they brought a huge freakin truck! Remember how I said things were going to turn out well with the packers leaving a bunch of stuff for the driver? Yeah, it did (also sarcasm...).
They were irritated, to say the least. As they began prepping the stuff, Pamela and I went around the house and gathered up all the things the packers, um, missed. Turns out they missed quite a bit! Two whole boxes worth, in the end. I don't know if they are lazy or incompetent (or both) but it was very annoying.

The Hams brought pizza for lunch today. That was not annoying; that was wonderful. As we ate we discussed the hiking trip in the Grand Canyon and their mission this evening. Saying goodbye to everybody sucks!!!!!!!

Well, the loading went on all day and at the end, we got some pretty disturbing news. For those of you who don't know how the whole Army move works, the Army will pay to have your stuff moved up to a certain weight; after that, you pay the rest. Well, as a WO1, I am authorized to move 12,000 pounds (I know, that's a lot!). So, the disturbing news... Jim comes up with the inventory sheets and says, "you know, I've been doing this for nearly 30 years, and generally one inventory sheet equals 1,000 pounds." To which I replied, "how many sheets?" 16. Yikes! 16,000 pounds! That sucks! Just so you can feel my pain at that moment, the Army charges $1.25 per pound, if you go over your weight allowance. Yeah, this sucks! But nothing I can do about it now, so moving on!

After they finally left, we went to an unnamed family's home for some dinner and some Rock Band®. Oh, and to get ready for the night's activities! BTW, names will be left out from here on out to protect the innocent (or not so innocent, in this case). As many of you know, and for those that don't know, our home was desecrated by foul fiends (aka toilet-papered by good friends) on April Fool's Day. So, we've been planning our revenge for quite some time. And now was our hour of redemption! We enlisted the aid of previously mentioned unnamed family and that of another unnamed family for the endeavor, and tonight we set out about 9:30. Unbeknown to the unnamed family that was aiding us, I had previously arranged for the Hams (who have also subsequently moved so they're safe) to toilet-paper their house while they were helping us with the devilish fiend's (Bramwell) house. I know, evil! I'm sure this would make a lot more sense if I were using names, but I'm not, and those that were there know who they are anyway. Maybe they will tell you! I won't, cause I'm not a rat fink!

Toilet-papering went spectacularly! I must admit the Bramwell home seems to have been designed specifically for toilet-papering! Large beautiful trees, great bushes, lovely carport, etc. All carefully and lovingly decorated by our hearty band of brothers and sisters. The experience was all the more satisfying for me because the whole time, I was getting updates as to the progress of the other house being toilet-papered. What a fantastic night! The best part is even if the Bramwells figure it out tomorrow (they're pretty crafty, so they might) there can be no retaliation, cause we move tomorrow afternoon. We have no house for them to toilet-paper! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Pure genius.

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Chaotic Mom said...

We're facing an "over the weight limit" move right now, too. Sigh...