Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Move to Ft. Lewis - Day 2

Last night was interesting in that much of the sleeping niceties, pillows, sheets, beds were all packed. This afternoon, we had two additional guys show up for the packing. (This will eventually turn out to be a bad thing, but I'm not supposed to be able to predict the future in blogs, so we'll leave that alone for now.)
There were several times today when I thought, "they're never going to get all this crap packed!" Turns out I was right and wrong... Those boys are shady! Everything they didn't get packed was "intentionally left for the truck driver to pack, as it is their responsibility, not ours." This is going to end well, I'm sure. I managed to keep my shoes on my feet today, though, yay me!
We were supposed to go to the McGill's with Jezabell and the kids tonight, but everybody was tired and swamped and a touch grouchy so we ended up going with the Bayardos to Texas Roadhouse. (Yes, I know we just ate there yesterday. Is there a law against eating good food two days in a row?) Mykayla wasn't there tonight but we managed to have fun throwing peanuts at each other anyway. Jezabell was buying, so I decided to order everything on the menu, and by the time our food got there I was stuffed and the steak I ordered was humongous! Obviously, I didn't finish it, and Jezabell made me pay for it!!!! (Seriously, did you think I wasn't going to rat you out?) Only a real friend could get away with that!

Halfway through dinner, I remembered I had to go to Scout committee meeting. Why would I go to the committee meeting when I'm not committee chair anymore? Good question! Mainly because I still am! That's right, I haven't been replaced yet. Yes, I know I've been bugging them to get a replacement for 6 months. So, apparently they're supposed to tell me who it is tonight. So, I get to the Bramwell's for the meeting (of course I don't have any ulterior motives for holding the meeting at their house... hee, hee, hee) and, brace yourself for a shock, nobody from the Bishopric was there. I know, I was floored too! But I did get to do a little reconnoitering while I was there....

As for sleeping tonight, well, we were smart this time and have sheets and blankets and the air mattress in the trailer. Aren't we clever?

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